Top Filipino Moguls and Companies in Different Business Industries in the Philippines

If you are planning to enter the business industry, it would be basic knowledge to know the Filipino moguls on the top of the list. Most of the people who wanted to establish a business consider these moguls as inspiration because they excel in a particular field and expanded their reach to the other business sectors as well.

Let’s take a sneak peak on the top 10 Filipino moguls that excel in various business industries in the Philippines.

Henry Sy Conquered the Retailing Industry

henry sy the richest filipinoWhen you say “retail”, nothing beats the Retail King and the richest man in the Philippines Henry Sy. He is the owner of all the SM Malls and Department Stores in the Philippines. Though his business interests as of today are vast including real estate, hospitality, banking, mining and education, he is more focused on his retailing business and he is the top retailing mogul in the Philippines.

If you are planning to start a retailing business as well, you might want to look at the achievements of Henry Sy.

Danding Cojuangco and the Liquor Industry

Eduardo Danding CojuangcoEduardo “Danding” Cojuangco is the current chairman of San Miguel Corporation, Southeast Asia’s largest publicly listed food, beverage and packaging company and the largest brewery in the Philippines. He is not the one who established the corporation and he was elected as chairman in 1998, but he is the one responsible for the achievements and success of San Miguel Corporation in the past 16 years. He is the current leader in the liquor industry as well.

Ayala Land Still Holds the Top in Real Estate

Some of you might think that Manny Villar is already the top Filipino Mogul in the real estate industry because of the popularity of Camella Homes, but based on the recent news, Ayala Land is still on the top of the real estate industry based on market capitalization. As of April 10, 2014, it has already amounted to $9.87 billion.

The company is divided into five brands – Ayala Land Premiere, Avida, Amaja, BellaVita and Alveo. When combined, they have 147 residential projects with a sales value estimate of P240 billion.

As you all know, Ayala Land has been on the top of this industry for a long time and even if they ventured to other business sectors, they still focused on their real estate business.

Port-Handling Industry

When it comes to the port-handling industry, no one will forget about Enrique Razon, Jr. which is also one of the top 10 Filipino billionaires in the list created by Forbes. He is the current chairman and CEO of the manila-listed company, International Container Terminal Services. This is the Philippines’ biggest port-handling company. As a matter of fact, it was even considered by the Asian Development Bank as one of the top 5 maritime terminal operators in the world. After being established in 1987, the rise of this port-handling company is unstoppable and it even received worldwide recognition for its services.

Manny Pangilinan’s Meralco and PLDT

Manuel “Manny” Pangilinan is definitely one of the people that you should know about because even if he is not on the top 10 list of Forbes Filipino Billionaires, he is one of the few people who managed to become the best in two different business industries.

He is the current chairman of Meralco, which is considered as the largest distributor of electrical power in the Philippines. It is currently holding 22 cities and 89 municipalities, including the whole National Capital Region (NCR).

Manny Pangilinan is also the current chairman of the Philippines largest telecommunications company, PLDT. He is on the top of the telecommunications industry as of today. Majority of the Filipino households today, as well as the different businesses operating in the Philippines is using the Internet services of PLDT so it makes perfect sense that they are on the top of the telecommunications industry.

Though he is not the one who established PLDT and Meralco, he assumed the position of Chairman and he is the one responsible for the huge success of both companies.

Lucio Tan – The Jack of All Trades

We have the top Filipino moguls in the different business industries, but if you are looking for the person who managed to enter almost all of the business sectors in the country, you can take a close look at Lucio Tan.

Being at the 2nd spot in the Forbes List of Filipino Billionaires next to Henry Sy, you can expect that he is of the best business magnates in the country. However, he is known as the Jack of All Trades and the Master of None as he invaded almost all the different business industries and grabbed every opportunity that he has to improve them.

All these Filipinos and companies are on the top of the business industry. If you are planning to establish a business, you better look at how these people managed these companies before they became giants in the business industry.