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Same fax received in Norway, too.

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This is the same treatment that my accounts manager and my paralegal as well as myself received from one of their telemarketers, who refused to provide his name. We were all called every name in the book, including those set forth in your post. I have the police involved and hopefully something can be done, but they have changed the phone number, surprise surprise.

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Texting sexual content to my 10Year olds phone .It bettet stop i will turn it over to the proper authorities.

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This number called me 404_957_5342 said they where from arbitrations and I had a dept to ten dollar paid day for 1400.

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Occasional calls. Seemed suspicious once picked upped. How do we file a complaint to get them to stop?

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P.S.I also think that these people are identity thieves!!

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Dave is quite correct. Sorry to burst your bubble

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My wife has gotten harassing calls and has been unable to get them to stop calling. I know Indian accents very well, so I am thinking this is more Iraqui or Iranian. Definitely hit a nerve when I asked about Islam. I took the last call and bated him by asking him questions with long pauses and feigned great interest, kept the guy on the phone long enough to know they do not have a money scam. It is something else. He said, there are other things more important than money! Maybe Jihad...I dont know, but I had the time to really whip this guy into a frenzy. He eventually hung up calling me a MFkr. I was afraid he was going to blow a gasket.Now I am blocking the number. Gladly pay whatever it takes to lose these people.

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Keeps calling. Doesn't leave message

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He calls and hangs up when I answer .

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The faxes keeps coming into my cell phone. It tries ten times, waits ten minutes or so, then starts again. It does this cycle three times for a total of 30 fax attempts! I have sent them return faxes telling them that they are trying to fax a cell-phone number, but they just keep sending. Their faxes are costing me money, so Im going to have to change my phone number.

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Doesnt work that way at all. They have to buy the list from the ftc, so why would they pay for something when all they have to do is plumb numbers into a dialer or computer and go for it..By State DNC lists: ... -rule#DNCrights

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Thank you for the information. I got the same letter and began to do some research online since it smelled like a dead rat. I found your posting which has saved me a headache and I really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!

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You are an idiot. Really, this is our job, and we get paid well for it. You need to grow up and learn some manners.

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Report any such scam, even if you did not become a victim by falling for it, to the F.T.C. (Federal Trade Commission). Your local phone company should be able to provide their number, or see: or see: Informing them of such problems will give them an idea of how frequently and where the problems exists, so that they may be able to better track and maybe deal with the perpetrators.

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Cant these idiots stop calling.

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Keeps calling early 715 am, sounds like a business

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They are scammers. I don't even have the card they are calling me about. I called Capital One, I don't even have a balance. And they ran my SS number, NO OTHER ACCOUNTS. They have called me twice. Report them to the police. I did screw with them for a bit and do a bit of scambaiting.

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This was a recording from a health care provider.

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That happened to me when i was selling my iphone on ebay.

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